Create - cause something to exist; make something new or original.

If you come to the site to see something about web-design or advertising bizness - close the site and.

Creativity is much more concept. For example, appliqu work may be done of feathers, fabric, grains, poplar pubescence - it depends on artist's whim only. Advertisements made of different pieces.. .CREATIVE ADVERTISEMENT, you'll agree, sounds better.

We'd like to present the masterpieces of people who live side by side with us. Their wonderful hand-made things, which they make with their fantasy and imagination. Have a look at a feather creativity, and you'll see - it is difficult to believe THIS is made of feather. These works are so beautiful due to their artistic design, wealth of colour that we can call them Nature's masterpieces. Without watching the pictures closely it is scarcely credible that they are not drawn. Only after having looked attentively one can see the picture's structure. Feathers of all sorts are used.

Watching eggs decorated with grains we wonder Nature's diversity. The rules of our ancestors are kept in the decoration. There is a variety of plants. For example, wormwood, thorn apple, thistle. Their grains do not possess of positive energy and can not be used in making pysanky .But flax, wheat, rye, millet, seeds of sunflower, pumpkin and water-melon have a lot of life power. Popy seeds, hemp seeds, haricot beans, beans, barley, garlic, snowball-tree are both medicinal herbs and talismans.

Simmer colors
A great deal of warmth and joy is brought by creativity works made in technique of pressed herbs. Here each blade of grass, each flower pestil brings a little pies of cordiality to ordinary apartments and causes beauty, comfort and mood. Nature's range of colour is actually splendid.

Slitting technique was an integral part of the Ukrainian mode of life It pointed to the events in the village: who was born, where the wedding was, different holidays. The windows were decorated with paper curtains, which were skillfully slitted by the house proprietress.

Give a good look at the unique exclusives and you'll feel how much warmth and good possess people around us.

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